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Neocities Court of Thorns

My review of Quing's Quest - the Death of Videogames I chose the example the professor chose, because A - I found it interesting and B- it was similiar to the type of computer games I'd play as child in the library. It's very nolstalgic which I enjoyed and brought back fond memories while adding a new modern twist. It's based of the chose your own path/adventure story and has links that leads you to different outcomes and branches while still giving you a way back to the main plot. The work is truly meant to viewed on a computer, but this oculd work in print form. This is because the chose your own path/adventure plot or story arc was originally based in book form. Granted it'll have a good amount of pages due to the different variety you can chose in the one, different outfit, whether to romance your companion, how to defeat the bad guys, etc, it'll still work in book form. It was made in digital form this version allow quicker access to the different outcomes, you can have music playing in the background, it doesn't use paper/is earth friendly. The tools they use in Quing's Quest are links, references to pop culture, and music that correlates to the theme for the "act" or segment. These three allow the "reader"/player to be more immeresed into the "game" and interactive story. Overall it was fun experince, brought back some good memories, and was a nice break from the mundane!

Author's Statement: Hi! My name is Kay and I just wanted to tell you a little bit about myself. I've been writing as a hobby and passion since I was a freshman in highschool, and it was that same year that I realized that I wanted to write for a living. My go to genre as a writer is typically mystery, fantasy, historical fiction, and romance. I'll sometimes combine all three! My goal has always been to be a sucessful writer and be like the greats, King, Patterson, Riordan, and to have my books also turned into movies. This then led me down the path of screenwriting, which is also one of my passions now, and I'm very excited to be down the path of both. While the world has gone digital, I still enjoy the smell and feel of a book. They fascinated me as a child, and they fascinate me now, an e-book can't compare to the original. It's convient for those who are hanicapped and can save paper, but if we push everything to digital, then we'll have nothing but memories of what it was. I think that the balance between buying regular books and ebooks needs to be keep it in line. We see more and more bookstores closing and it's a shame, it's losing a piece of history. For my digital creative writing class, I had to make a website, an ebook, and a digital/playable story. I've only done the last one, via Episode, and even then it still gets very frustating for me. The ebook wasn't too hard to make, it was just a matter of remembering the steps. The making of this website however, killed me, I would update my computer and nothing would show, links wouldn't work, it was all very frustrating. I think that doign all of these certainly work for the right person who's dedicated and willing to learn how to truly code. For me, it's personally not my thing, I'll be stuck for hours on one thing wondering what I did wrong and won't get it right unless by a stroke of luck.

Here's one of my poems! In my dreams, in my mind, I think of Eden Of fields of green, the ever-loving sun, the birds that sing on the trees In my dreams, in my mind, I think of Eden Of paradise lost gates of gold forever shut ever protected by the flaming sword In my dreams, in my mind, I think of Eden Of Adam and Eve of the weakness of men of the serpent that slithers on a cursed tree In my dreams, in my mind, I think of Eden what it would be like if the sun is warm, the rain soft In my dreams, in my mind, I think of Eden What could've been, but alas we'll never know Eve Adam and the serpent has damned us all A man once said that hell was empty, that its devils are here I believe that to be true so in my dreams in my mind, I think of Eden. About my E-book! The ebook I uploaded here is a short story about a young woman's trip to the fair with her partner. It was the perfect balance between being not long enough and just short enough to post here so you all can read! As stated earlier, I combine a lot genres when I write, this story combines romance, mystery, and the ~supernatural~. Here it is! Ebook